​​ We can also add in some goood stretching and manipulating of your limbs to keep you moving and stretched out...

​​​​​​​​I give aVERY nice relaxing Swedish massage and I give a nice firm Deep Tissue massage...

Oooo... And let us not forget about our precious Mommies-to-be!​

My pregnancy massages help to easy your muscles and escape for your stress!!

​​​​Schedule your time of much needed Body Bliss!!!

​​​Maybe you want a mixture... ​Whatever your preference is, I put my all into every massage! 

I take notes on all our sessions. I study better w​ays to give the best service I can!! 

The Beacon Building

201 E Myrtle St. Suite 234




Body Bliss Massage

​​​​How do you prefer your massages???